Classic AmigaOS Programming

A few downloads for my AmigaOS programming book. The C example source code is straight C code (in text file format). The source is annotated and an accompanying tutorial (in English) has been published on the excellent Amiga resource

Version: V1.1 (Apr-2024)
Download: C-Source, Asm-Source
Document: TOC

Unfortunately some links in the book have fallen victim of link-rot. I decided to host some of these items here, even though they are not mine, to keep them available for the future:

Amiga NDK V3.9: NDK39.lha
MC68000 programmer's reference manual: M68000PRM.pdf

Bare-Metal Amiga Programming

The download links for the examples that accompany my latest book. Both downloads contain the same examples, they are just provided in a different format. The LHA download is a single archive file containing the example sources, while the ADF download is a (non-booting) floppy disk image containing exactly the same files as the LHA.

Version: V1.2 (8-Jun-2024)
Download: LHA, ADF, Changelog
Documents: TOC, Corrections


One of the best resources for Amiga software is Aminet, hosting more than 83000 packages containing software, music and / or graphics for the Amiga and related projects like MorphOS and AROS (to name just two). Below are links to a couple of the Aminet packages that I use regularly. It is not intended to be a "Best of Aminet" by any means, just a handful of things that I like to highlight.


Asm-Pro is an assembly IDE with assembler, debugger, memory monitor and linker. It is an Asm-One derivative that includes a source file editor with syntax colouring. While the syntax colouring may not be that important for assembler programming, it is one of the reasons that I like the program and use it a lot.


Artwork created in programs like Deluxe Paint and Brilliance are saved in a format called IFF. To include these artwork files into your own programs it is usually necessary to convert them into raw bitmaps first. For this I tend to use the IFFTrasher with its easy to use Gadtools based user interface.


A requester based script that allows ISO, ADF and HDF image files to be mounted so that they are available as virtual disks. These virtual disks can then be accessed just like any other disk on the system. This allows Amigas without CD-ROM to mount ISO images and access these like a CD-ROM. It can also be used to mount an ADF and read from it and write to it, just like a normal disk, but without having to first write the ADF to a disk.